Kid's Floss Dispenser



Flossing is the most neglected aspect of dental hygiene. Yet, when completed daily, its a proven method of preventing cavities, periodontal disease, and more severe dental problems later in life.


While many patients are familiar with brushing, most attribute their lack of flossing to never developing the habit when they were young.


Flossi aims to address the problem at the source by  modifying the habits of kids. By creating a positive, cause/effect relationship between a known activity (brushing) and a new activity (flossing),  Flossi aims to  help kids incorporate the flossing into their routine.

Pull floss out of Flossi's mouth, and your toothbrush pops out!

Tear off floss

Washable silicone cup

TPE base prevents slipping on wet counter top

Slide on a new spool

Washable Cup

Main Body

Spring Loaded Base


Toothbrush Holder

Locking Mechanism Ring

Floss Spool

Pulling floss releases the spring loaded base, popping up the toothbrush


Dog Leash Grip & Length Adjuster


If used incorrectly, retractable dog leashes have proven to be a  hazard for both the dog and it's owner. All the while, standard dog leashes lack the adjust-ability many users desire.


The Palm Buddy is an ergonomic, adjustable grip for standard dog leashes. It is designed to be a safer product, with a simpler learning curve that minimizes the chance of misuse and injury.





Dog pulls on leash, torsion spring engages CAM

User presses forward on CAM to release pressure